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    The single most devastating charge any individual can face is a criminal offense. Most carry long imprisonment terms or even the death penalty in severe cases. Individuals have the option of utilizing a public defender, but they have a history of not providing top-notch legal counsel and are more interested in meeting their client quota. One of the best options for those facing criminal charges is to contact one of the many felony lawyers in Tulsa to represent them. The following are the most common charges they provide representation for. Be sure to contact an attorney for anyone facing the convictions listed below.


    The single most serious charge is that of manslaughter. The taking of another person’s life is one of the most serious offenses that anyone can commit, and most cases result in long prison terms, or in extreme cases, the death penalty. Criminal defense lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help a person who may be guilty get a lessened sentence or assist those who are not to dispute the charge by producing evidence that proves their innocence.

    Theft and Larceny

    One of the most common felony charges is larceny, which is the stealing of another person’s belongings. In addition to jail time, the person who is convicted will have to live with the charge on their criminal background for the rest of their life. This can make it hard to obtain employment or housing in the future. A felony criminal defense attorney can help those who are innocent get the charges dropped by proving that they were not the ones who committed the crime.


    The act of kidnapping another person’s child can have detrimental long-term effects, such as an extended period of probation after jail time, and many fines and fees. Quality tulsa felony criminal lawyers can assist a person facing a charge of this nature and represent the individual in court and fight to get them a fair sentencing that is under the maximum allowed by law.

    Driving Under The Influence

    One charge that can bring embarrassment and shame to a person is a DUI. This typically occurs when an individual is caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and while a first offense doesn’t usually lead to jail time, it could mean hours of community service and steep fines. Let

    criminal lawyer melbourne reduce these by bargaining with the court system for a reduced sentence and lower fines.

    criminal defense lawyer facing criminal charges owes it to themselves to hire an experienced attorney. Many will provide an initial consultation at no cost, and can help a person better understand what their future holds. Interview several and find one who provides quality representation and fights to defend a person’s innocence.